Equs is an esteemed private owned company established in 1992 with a well-known reputation of quality and reliability.
Equs is a market leading manufacturer and provider of reliable and sustainable pest control solutions for the PCO’s in the Nordic area.

Equs manufacture, market and distribute PCO products in all fields such as control and monitoring of insects, bait stations and traps for rats and mice, rodent control, bird management by acoustic means and chemical repellence. We also offer a wide range of UV light traps for control of flies and other insects. We provide different kinds of application equipment and last but not least - support and service with a great know-how when it comes to real pest control. "You name it - We control it" is one of our registered trade marks.

We have made a choice of selected high quality products from suppliers and manufacturers from around the world.
Countries in the EU are Germany, Benelux, France, Italy, Spain, Austria, Poland, Czech Republic and Hungary. The United States and Australia is also well represented.
In Asia and in particular China a commercial cooperation with selected high quality manufacturers have been established for the production of a range of our own in house development products.

Equs always put environment as a first priority when recommending different products and solutions to clients in all situations, in spite of never putting efficacy and result accomplishment a side. Quite a few in house own formulations are composed as a mean of an environmental safe choice of active as well as inert ingredients.
Equs offers naturally based insecticides such as pyrethrum combined with a choice of essential oils and other biological ingredients in a balanced composition. This provides a safe control of a various pest impact to protect property, animals of different kind, nature and wild life in the urban society.

The efforts of Equs in the global market place are to offer high quality products of all kind to competitive prices for our clients and the end user. Saving the environment is always first priority, less pollution in the environment and impact to the climate situation worldwide is the first and leading option.

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